Range Tote
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Range Tote, a.k.a. “Jealousy” Box. Yep, that’s what you read, Jealousy Box. My supplier built two of these initially and immediately sold them to fellow shooters without building one for himself. While at the match he noticed the other shooters using the boxes and bragging about how handy they were and how they “just fit the bill” for what they needed. He confided with his wife about how successful the box design was and that he had not built one for himself. Immediately his wife dubbed it the “Jealousy Box”. Our spouses have a way of cutting to the chase, don’t they? Anyway, the rest is history and here it is, available to you. The newest type box on the firing line and likely the handiest shooting box you’ll ever have. Made by a shooter for shooters. The Range Tote sports: 1. Solid oak construction 2. Roomy 14.5” x 6” x 3.5” inner bay 3. Box joint fitted corners 4. Handy “swing out of the way” handle. 5. Cleaning Rod notch 6. Wiping Rod notch. 7. Rifle cradle saddle 8. 22RF cartridge holes, exposing 20 rounds 9. Large BPCR caliber cartridge holes, exposing 15 rounds 10. Leather trim finished saddle to protect your equipment and rifle. 11. Finish sanded and stained oak awaiting your preferred final finish. **Pack everything to the line you need with no more return trips. **

Range Tote

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