Loading And Shooting Traditional Schuetzen Rifles 2nd Ed. 2021
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It's HERE 2nd Edition 2021.  This is a MAJOR revision. Loading data has been expanded and numerous procedures now go into more depth than previous editions. The resource chapter has been updated as to suppliers, vendors, gunsmiths, stock makers, implement makers, etc. Loading And Shooting Traditional Schuetzen Rifles by Randolph S. Wright

Loading and Shooting Traditional Schuetzen Rifles by Randy Wright is now available for shipment. If you are interested in single shot rifles, especially Schuetzen rifles and their application in the Schuetzen discipline, then this is the book for you. Randy goes through all the particulars about Schuetzen shooting and the equipment necessary, as well as answering the hundred and one questions those new to the sport have. Two hundred and forty-two pages, well illustrated and written in an easy to understand style. This book will become the "Bible" on Schuetzen shooting.

NOTE:  Look at shipping charges closely, there is a significant difference in rates, ie. Media Mail. 

Loading And Shooting Traditional Schuetzen Rifles 2nd Ed. 2021

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