Your Choice: Golden Gator, Old World Paisley, Brown Leather, Suede.
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New from SPG Sales, Cheek Rests for the serious rifle shooter.  These state-of-the art, versatile, cheek rests were designed and are currently manufactured by a Navy Seal Master Chief (Ret.).  They fit standard and Monte Carlo style rifle stocks.  Choices:  Old World Paisley, Golden Gator, Brown Leather, Suede.

  • This cheek rest will raise your cheek and align your eye with the center of your scope or iron sights improving your accuracy and shot placement consistency. 
  • Can be positioned anywhere on the stock for right & left-handed use.
  • Attaches with low profile hook & loop straps. No screws, no bullet loops, no shoe lacing, no scratches.
  • Internal pouch for the placement of foam inserts (3- included).
  • Rubber underside to prevent movement on the stock. 

I used this cheek rest in a two-day regional match and it was rock solid.  I mean it did not move all weekend.  After determining I needed two pads to align the sights properly, I slide them into the pouch and mounted the cheek rest.  I was extremely pleased with the performance. 

  • You can even create a recognizable spot weld saddle effect by cutting a hole in the top foam insert, giving you a consistent cheek weld location. 
  • Or by building up the front end of the insert, create a “Ridge Stop”, giving you a consistent forward stop to the ocular lens.

I’m sure you’ll be extremely pleased with this affordable high performing cheek rest.  

Comes in four different design/materials.  

Cheek Rest: (See multiple types of materials)

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