Cats: Bench Rest Model Shooting Sticks w/ LEVELERS
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Benchrest Model with Levelers:  It only stands to reason that when testing your rifle on the range for use in competition, one needs to replicate the specific situation that you will be shooting in.  The difference between a bench rest and shooting sticks can be substantial depending upon many factors, mainly barrel position on the rest.  Using these shooting sticks simply eliminates a variable in your testing which is always a good thing!!!

That’s where our bench rest Shooting Sticks come in!!!!!  These sticks are set up with a solid oak base to be used on the bench.  They provide for a solid rest that duplicates shooting the rifle off the typical cross stick used in competition.  These are easily fully adjustable, (from 6″ to 16″ in height) made from solid oak and are very well finished.  These are padded with a leather strip to protect the barrel finish.

LEVELERS are the feet or footings at each corner of the base that can be adjusted for unlevel surfaces. 

Cats: Bench Rest Model Shooting Sticks w/ LEVELERS

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