Cats: 48" with Slides, Oak Knobs, and Spade ends
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These cross sticks are still the traditional 48″, which meet the proper configuration requirements for NRA, SASS, and BPCR sanctioned competition.  However, they have a square top and wooden knobs, for a more “period correct” look!!   As with all our individually hand crafted Buffalo Cross Sticks, they have the “Easy Slide Adjustment” that makes our product so unique.  No cumbersome leather cradle/barrel support and predetermined adjustment holes!!  The height can be quickly adjusted by loosening and sliding the knob up or down in the “Easy Slide Adjustment Groove”.

Cat’s Shooting Sticks are hand crafted from solid oak 1 x 2’s and a 3/8 ” wide leather strip on each stick protects the finish of the rifle barrel and helps hold the rifle barrel in position.  The SPADE ENDs inserted into the bottom leaves 3″ protruding, so they can be easily pushed into the ground for a solid shooting position.

Cats: 48" with Slides, Oak Knobs, and Spade ends

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